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By using Hydrogel technology, we can easily, efficiently and economically remove wastes deposited within a pipeline, even the residues that adhere to the wall, regardless  the pipeline material.
Hydrogel is a gel made from water and additives used in the food industry and therefore contains no substances harmful to the environment and health.
Given the gel characteristics, it can be applied in pipelines that transport water for human consumption, with all security and confidence.
The preparation of the gel is carried out on site, taking into account the circumstances of the cleaning.
It is possible to combine different consistencies of gels with various agents, for example disinfectants, and thus complete a complex cleaning job in one step.
Pipeline cleaning can be used preventively every 4 years. However, there are warning signs that indicate that it is time to clean up, such as:

• Decrease in flow rates;
• Reduction of consumption;
• Still waters;
• Temperatures above 20ºC;
• Pipelines with high water leakages and repairs

• Areas where the water temperature exceeds 20ºC;

• Presence of heterotrophic bacteria, protozoa and algae;
• Presence of nutrients, associated with poor sanitation of the network;
• Presence of biofilm.
• This method can be used in pipelines for water supply for human consumption, fire networks or other pipelines for other purposes (application in the food industry).
• By cleaning and disinfecting pipelines with Hydrogel technology, it is possible to reduce exceptional chlorine injections at critical network locations where organic load increase is detected.




Disinfection of water supply systems is a recurring problem for pipeline operators.
The bacterial membrane adhering to the walls of the pipelines – the biofilm – can cause secondary contaminations in the water for human consumption. In addition to bacteria that feed on iron and manganese, other types of microorganisms may exist if the conditions are favorable for this to happen (reduction of flow rates, increase of temperatures, repair of breakages in the network, among others).

Legionella can survive living in the biofilm and with temperatures between 15ºC and 20ºC, without, however, multiplying. In case of increase of temperature, the legionella will be active and will certainly occur its multiplication.

The rmapping can be made simultaneously with the disinfection and mechanical cleaning of the network for diameters greater than or equal to DN80. The pipe-finder travels together with the hydrogel and performs the system registration. The pipe-finder box traverses the pipeline, giving the X-Y-Z coordinates from the starting point, also transferring the layout data of the site plan, as well as the depth of the pipelines. This information can be exported in order to obtain the system layout.


In order to maintain the main water supply distribution lines operational safety, it is advisable to carry out a periodic inspection of the internal conditions.
Pig + Gel technology is an effective method of inspecting pipelines with video recording. During operation, a specially designed Pig is driven by the Hydrogel, with a preset speed, obtaining the respective video recordings.
This technology is highly economical with respect to internal inspection of drinking water, hydrocarbons or other products.

Pipelines that transmit hydrocarbons can be contaminated with several different materials, such as paraffins, asphaltenes, sediment sand, lime, iron oxide, etc.
Oil-based gelling cleaning technology has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to clean and dehydrate hydrocarbon pipelines. The great benefit is that we can reduce the time and cost of the operation by passing the gel through the pipeline in one go.


Hydrogel technology allows the clearing of ingrown pigs and the removal of water in gas pipelines.
The great benefit is that we can reduce the time and cost of the operation by passing the gel through the pipeline in one go.

Cleaning pipes with Hydrogel


Cleaning pipes with Hydrogel


Cleaning pipes with Hydrogel

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